Friday, February 27, 2009

Back to Hometown

Hi Friend...
We only met two month..
When i heard that you resign..
I was unhappy actually..
But knowing your reason..
This is the best decision you have made..
I am proud of you!!!

Back to hometown..
Is the best place..
No worries of bills,
No parent worries,
And no worries of no place to stay..

Dear friend,
I will miss you..
Will you?
Back to hometown...
We must keep in touch..
Meeting you is the best...
So best of luck....


Friday, February 20, 2009

Alor Setar Food

Working in Kedah is not a willingness,but finding food is my favourite. i reach Kedah about 1pm, and i move on 8 am. hate it...this is because of stupid jam on the bridge. so having lunch quite late at Kedah. having nasi lemak ong is my pleasure. so much food to choose.

i've choose this; ikan bilis, egg and chicken. yummy!
my dinner at lau teik kee restaurant...

my breakfast at hotel...
Truth : i'm scare to sleep alone in the hotel is so scary...i on the TV whole mind always thinking of is really tht time, i wish to go home as soon as possible. when the day is bright, my heart felt so relief. my heart always have these words...thank god thank god...i'm able to go home d...(1st experience in my life)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lost forever

i'm working...
din't hear any vibrate from my handphone
in moment i felt like looking at my handphone
there are so many message for me

i open it.....
i puzzle in a moment...
tears flow inside my heart
never thought this would happen

you are like sunshine
always living in bright
you laugh easily
whenever you go

now you have gone
missing your laugher and your joke
goodbye my friend
goodbye my friend....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Dinner at home

Every year of yesterday is a valentine day..on that day, I'll be bf accompany, only my family. so yesterday, me and my family plan to cook a special dinner. so my dad have this idea of making the chicken with brandy, then with sprite...the output looks good and taste is great too. my dad also make a cheesy prawn.. this is the best. the cheese are melt into the prawn meat..awesome. me have make whipped potato. then after the delicious dinner, me and my brother playing PC2 game. hahaha..having fun in valentine won't feel lonely....

this is the chicken that my dad made...

this the cheesy prawn....

whipped potato...full with flavour....yummy....this is made by me....