Friday, June 26, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dear Aunt,
Long time no see
You look still the same
Look young forever

Dear little cousin,
so many years din meet
you also same like your mum
look so cuteeeeeeee
Today, can't say hi to you
u sleep so soundly
there is plenty of time
no rushing
will meet again little cousin

Happy that both of you come back to Malaysia
Glad that both of you safe

I think SAW cannot stop talking when they meet together
they are like birds...u can hear the birds from far away
By the way, THANK YOU AUNT
for the presents
love the pants...
nice shirt for mum de
cosmetic...can ban leng leng d

so beautiful purse...but this is not a purse...

it is the manicure kit...see...........

my aunt give me it so much..

a very comfortable sliper...

guess what is this....

this is a massage tool

so cute...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friend's Wedding

(To you Sin Mei)
Time past fast
Now you are married...
A woman now
Married a lovely guy like him
Is a bless for you
Hope you happiness forever
(To you Fang)
For a pregnant friend...
Next month is the month of the baby birth
Wish you have a healthy baby girl

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Farewell in Romantic Restaurant

Me and my friends plan a farewell dinner him
At first, we plan to take him to have steamboat
Unfortunately, he went with his friends
So we change the plan and have dinner in Faces Steak Restaurant
The restaurant decoration is very romantic
I like the star hanging on the ceiling.
Love the table lamp so much..
I heard the drinks is not bad..
Let me tell you,
Don't choose the large one
You will go to toilet to flow it out...after finish it
THE LARGE is really really scary
But, the food is not that good.
Choosing the wrong food will make your mood bad...:'(

During the dinner we talk a lot..
Laugh a lot..
Non stop...
We even critic people...that is bad..
What to do...we are human..

So we end with taking pictures to keep the memories as Vacation Trainee in EY
And the memories of him around with us during the training..

Belows are some photos to show you guys...Have a look!!!


Beautiful star...shining above us...

Antic Lamp...Love it

Romantic Environment...

Nice place to PATTO...WOHOO!!

The food i chose...i think is chicken maryland...something like that (no good)

The LARGE drink that i told you...really really LARGE man

VT DEC 2008...finally end... LIFE will be TOUGH starting 16 JUNE 2009...:'(

Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's my first to work in this department
Before i work under this department
I think a lot...
I am so worry...
I am so excited...
I am so nervous...
I also feel that i may done something wrong...

During my first day to that department,
there is someone, i called him senior as he teach me how the work done(only for 1 day).
so at that time, i can feel the tense is arrived.
Because, he told about the manager will this...& that....
so my heart pump so fast...really worry according to what he had told me

The next day, leaving me and the manager.
i do not knw what i suppose to do..
very worry that the manager will scold me...
so i bravely ask her what i shall i do next
so she give me this and that...ask me do this and that...
at first my brain goes blank...
i dont even knw what she want me to do
so i ask her again..i almost make her mad....

Now, only me in the department
without the experience workers around really make me sick
because i really donno how to handle the things in this department.
what i need to do?
what should i do next? if this is done.
if anyone called, what i surpose to answer them?
There is nothing in my brain....all white paper...
hopefully the experience worker come back soon....
i really need help now...

UGLY Sheepy

when out with my friends
i found this DIY
thinking that i can do it
so i bought it to have a try
but the result is no good...
i made it so ugly...
poor sheepy...
u look good on the box...
but i have detroy it...
i think i am not suitable to this DIY...

ugly sheepy

my birthday present...

i love this mary go round

Nice to HUG~~~the star pillow...Thanks Jacy

6 differents crystal