Saturday, October 24, 2009

KMK Life~

Today, i take out my photo album and have a look. It brings back all my memories during my time in Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah (KMK). I still remember that on the first day in KMK, i do not know anyone in KMK, no family and friends beside me, thinking of that make my eyes burst into tear.

Fortunately, i have a 3 nice malay roomates, they help me feel that i am not alone in KMK. I feel so lucky that i meet them and know them as my roomate. Later, my life in KMK will never be lonely anymore, because, during the orientation, i managed to find new friends and until now, we are still friend and also my best friend.

During the first few months, i still can't stay in hostel on the weekend, as i missed my family so much (first time stay outside alone). So every week, i will go home and eat my mum handmade food, sleep on my lovely bed, and meet my friends in Penang. When time go through, i go home every two weeks instead of one week.

My life in KMK started to bloom. i started to join sports (table tennis and netball), chinese club, fasilitator (Mathematic) and etc.. Many events was held, they have Raya celebration, CNY celebration, Mooncake celebration and etc.. My favourite event is Mooncake celebration in KMK. We have some people playing drums(the traditional style), dancing, drama and etc.

I am so lucky that i managed to get into KMK. Meet a lot friends there, learn to be independent, learn to suit in new environment, learn about different culture, make friends from different state and etc..

Think back time, i miss all my friends in KMK so much. I wish i can meet them all, maybe one day we all can meet. If cant meet as all, maybe one by one i also dont mind.

Call me if you guys have gathering...I think you have my number...hehe


Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Convocation

Today...4th Oct D'day.....CONVOCATION
Meet many of my friends... which we have not meet 6 months ++++ ago....

Here are some photo to share with you guys...
My Family
My Classmate in UUM
YEAH!!!!! We are Graduated...
My Classmate in Sacred High School...
Thanks for coming....
My Course Mate....